The unveiling of '95 with Francois Pienaar at Marianne Wine Estate

We joined Marianne Wine Estate to celebrate the unveiling of '95 (The Desirade 2015), created to honour Francois Pienaar. This was a spectacle of an evening. Upon arrival, we were led into Marianne's cellars to be greated by a harpist and a glass of their impeccable MCC. The intimate cellar meant making new friends was unavoidable and a chance to shake the hand of Francois made my father a jealous man indeed. "You're so tall" a guest exclaimed. "Thanks, but I was actually one of the smaller guys in the team" he replied with a smile. From there the evening only became better, with an exceptional performance by Paul Roos Choir. -Ed

An incredible thank you to Marianne and Soline Lippe de Thoisy.