Dining at Arkeste with Richard Carstens at Chamonix in Franschhoek

Richard Carstens has had plenty of experience in the kitchen, including a number of years at Tokara. He has recently opened up at Chamonix in Franschhoek, working with Reuben Riffel again who started his career at Chamonix.

I was privileged to attend a lunch for a few media guests to experience Richard's new Japanese/Franco influenced food.  Beautiful and delicious, paired with Chamonix wines.

I am not really a dessert person, but I managed to finish my delicious chocolate ganache and then tasted everyone else's too.  There was a quite a variety with my favourite being the gorgonzola ice cream delight - I loved the savoury and sweet marriage.

The wines were a great match with Richard's food and look forward to seeing what change their new winemaker Neil Bruwer will be making.