The Juicery at Babylonstoren

Here the farm’s delicious fruit and vegetable juices are created, tasted and bottled in small batches. The signature red (think blood orange, prickly pear or strawberry!), yellow (naartjie, carrot or plum perhaps) and original garden green (apple, fennel and kale) juices change according to the season and what is available on the farm and surrounding area. The fresh fruit and vegetable juices are cold pressed and then cold preserved by means of high pressure processing (HPP). No heat is required, which means that the fresh taste and vitamins are preserved and the product has a fridge shelf life of three weeks or more. This technology reduces the microbial count and enables Babylonstoren to process tree-ripened fruit and freshly harvested vegetables into flavour-bursting, nutrient-packed juice right here on the farm. Once the sealed, filled (recycled plastic) bottles are placed into the state-of-the-art highpressure machine, a metal chamber is filled with water and the bottles of juice are pressurised to 6000 bar. This is a huge amount of pressure considering that the average car tyre has a pressure of only 2 bar. Imagine 12 elephants standing on a single strawberry. That is the kind of pressure that this high pressure machine, one of the few in South Africa, is placing on a single bottle.